Our Band Name – Builder of the House

More than a handful of times we’ve been asked at shows, “So do you also build houses?” No. No we don’t. But we see why there might be confusion.

Rob heard the phrase “Builder of the House” while at a meditation retreat in a story that went like this:

Buddha sat meditating under a lotus tree where he refused to move until he reached full enlightenment. Then the moment came, and just before full enlightenment was achieved all the Buddha’s past lives were shown to him. In one of them, he was a young sage who was seeking the answer to end all suffering. The young sage asked a wise elder how he could accomplish this. The elder replied, “To end suffering you must find the Builder of the House.”

Buddha opened his eyes, now fully enlightened, and said,”Builder of the House, I have seen you. You can no longer build a house for me because I have destroyed all your mortar and I have smashed all your bricks.”  

Rob was attracted to the metaphysical nature of this idea. To him, “Builder of the House” was a metaphor for the farthest point you could reach. So that’s what he named our band.